Hollywood On Horses
from Win, Lose or Draw:
Watch Your Step
Drums Along the Mohawk
The Whole Ball of Wax
Fractured Flickers
This Is Your Life - part 1
This Is Your Life - part 2
This Is Your Life - part 3
This Is Your Life - part 4
This Is Your Life - part 5
This Is Your Life - part 6
Title theme from Lord Love a Duck
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Instrumental Version (MP3 format)
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Excerpts from above:
"Quack" - - - "Hey, Hey, Hey"
"Where Did We Go Wrong?"
from The Cool Ones
Title theme from Fright Night
Courtesy of

Two dialog snippets from Fright Night
"Peter Vincent, ready to do battle with the undead."
"Good evening, horror fans..."
special thanks to Casey Hopkins
from Night Gallery episode
Mr Soil in A Bug's Life
"The Hotel Lobby"
from the play The Cradle Will Rock
from the album Marc Blitzstein and His Theater Compositions
"Seven Deadly Virtues"
from the Broadway soundtrack of Camelot
from the Alan Jay Lerner Revisited album
This Is My Holiday
You Haven't Changed at All
Every Night at Seven
"Nothing to Do With Me"
"Scrooge Finale"
from A Christmas Carol
Public Service Announcement
Save The Children Foundation
Dinner With Your Agent
How to Handle a Client
Family Theater
08-28-1947 The World of David Lee
03-11-1948 The Man Who Died Twice
10-07-1948 The World of David Lee
02-09-1949 Alter of Freedom
12-07-1949 Don Quixote
03-08-1950 The Prince and the Pauper
11-08-1950 Hans Brinker
12-13-1950 Lullaby of Christmas
02-28-1951 The Flame and the Sword
09-05-1951 In Shining Armor
09-10-1952 The Leading Lady
12-10-1952 Lullaby of Christmas

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