Class of 1984

The Essentials
Terry Corrigan Bad teachers, bad kids, bad movie!
McDowall provides the sole touch of class and realism. Nice performance in a sloppy movie.

Technical Details

Roddy McDowall and Perry King Director: Mark Lester

Writers: Tom Holland, John Saxton, Mark Lester

Production: Mark Lester Prod.

Cast: Perry King, Merrie Lynn Ross, Roddy McDowall, Timothy Van Patten, Stefan Arngrim, Al Waxman, Michael J. Fox

Running time: 93 m.

Directorial praise: For Lester, working with McDowall was a true joy. "Roddy was amazing, a real class act," recalls Lester. "You know, he amazed me in one scene. When King and him are walking in the park and he breaks down and cries, we did that over and over and Roddy, he could just cry on cue. It was unbelievable. He'd be stonefaced one moment, then you yell action and he burst into tears. Roddy also helped me by being very supportive. He didn't look down at this movie, you know, as being filth, or beneath him. I think that's because Roddy had been in so many horror movies. He didn't judge."

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