The Keys of the Kingdom

The Essentials
Francis Chisholm (younger) Lovely adaptation of Cronin's novel about the life of a missionary. Gregory Peck plays the lead; our hero represents his youth.
Well worth seeing, tho most of our hero's scenes were sadly clipped. Read the book and use your imagination for best McDowall effect.

Technical Details

Roddy McDowall in Keys of the Kingdom Director: John M. Stahl

Writer: Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Nunnally Johnson, based on novel by A.J. Cronin

Production: 20CF

Cast: Gregory Peck, Thomas Mitchell, Vincent Price, Rose Stradner, Roddy McDowall, Edmund Gwenn, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Peggy Ann Garner, Jane Ball, James Gleason, Anne Revere, Ruth Nelson, Benson Fong, Leonard Strong, Philip Ahn, Arthur Shields, Edith Barrett, Sara Allgood, Richard Loo, Ruth Ford, Kevin O'Shea, H.T. Tsiang, S-Lan Chen, Eunice Soo-Hoo, Dennis Hoey, Ethel Griffies, Terry Kilburn, Lumsden Hare, J. Anthony Hughes, Abner Biberman, George Nokes

Running time: 137 m.

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