Lord Love a Duck

The Essentials
Alan "Mollymauk" Musgrave Hipster cool black comedy. Surprisingly deep and very well acted.
Purportedly McDowall's fav of his movies, this is arguably the Trufan classic. Not to be missed.

Technical Details

Roddy McDowall in Lord Love A Duck Director: George Axelrod

Production: UA

Writer: Axelrod, Larry H. Johnson, based on novel by Al Hine

Cast: Roddy McDowall, Tuesday Weld, Lola Albright, Martin West, Ruth Gordon, Harvey Korman, Sarah Marshall, Lynn Carey, Max Showalter, Donald Murphy, Judith Loomis, Joseph Mell, Don Frazer, Martine Bartlett, Jo Collins, Martin Gabel

Running time: 109 m.

Revue: "And once again we are able to observe the impeccable talents of Roddy McDowall." — Judith Crist, of The New York Herald-Tribune

Just for fun: The only thing bleaker than the movie version is Hine's original novel. 'Tis unfortunately out of print so support your local library!

Even more fun: Want to see what a real mollymauk looks like?

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