The Power and the Glory

The Essentials
A crafty mestizo Shown on American television 10/29/61; released theatrically only in Europe (we think).
Well, the stills are lovely (nice 'stache!)

Technical Details

George C. Scott and Roddy McDowall in The Power and the Glory Director: Marc Daniels

Writer: Dale Wasserman, from a Graham Greene novel

Production: D. Susskind/CBS

Cast: Laurence Olivier, Julie Harris, George C. Scott, Martin Gabel, Roddy McDowall, Cyril Cusak, Keenan Wynn, Patty Duke, Frank Conroy, Mildred Dunnock, Thomas Gomez, Tim O'Connor

Running time: 120 m.

Interesting note: Also featured Julie Harris, with whom McDowall recorded the lovely Miracles: Poems by Children, featuring such treats as the declamation, "When Spring comes, I feel like a daisy!" Great fun.

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