Roddy Knocks 'Em Dead In Chicago
by Judie Feldman

Our little man was fabulous last night in DIAL M FOR MURDER. The audience was practically falling asleep until Roddy came onstage as Inspector Hubbard, whom he chose to portray with a Scottish accent. If any actor has the credentials for a Scottish accent, it's Roddy. The other actors, John James (Dynasty) and Nancy Allen (Robocop), paled in comparison with bad, fake English accents and unconvincing personas.

As the film with Grace Kelly was on A & E recently, I feel that no one can take her place and that the film was better, as the acting was toned down for the cameras which go in so close. Knowing what was going to happen ruined the suspense for me; I feel that the script of the play is a little outdated. The line that got the most laughs (boyfriend said, "Why are they laughing? It's not supposed to be a comedy!) was when someone in the cast said, "I've heard of police planting evidence to frame people but this is unbelievable!" It almost stopped the show.

As the clever inspector, Roddy had moments where he just looked at the audience in an aside from the drama and said, "Oh," and evoked (intended) laughter from the aud. It was a nice role for him as he always seems to be crisp, direct, intense and intelligent. He still looks wonderfully fit, does not look like he ever had cosmetic surgery and looks healthy, like he really takes good care of himself. Whenever he was on, all eyes were on him; all minds were with him. He's always first-rate, a living legend.

After the play, my boyfriend and I, (no one was allowed backstage), waited in the lobby of the Shubert for him along with a few others. The cast came out together, in a kind of gang, not looking at anyone and walking very quickly. I almost had to fight the group who surrounded him to get close to introduce myself and ask if he got my flowers. He stopped, smiled and said yes, thank you, they're lovely and I'll see you Friday. I'm 5'6" in heels and I was looking down at him, trying to figure his height...must be about 5'4" or 5'5" at the most. Wonder if he was taller ten years ago, in his fifties. He had a light, casual jacket on over casual slacks and light oxford shoes and was carrying a red canvas shoulder airline type of bag but it had no logo on it. My boyfriend told him we enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing him here. Then, the gang rushed out the door so fast, it was like lightning.

We went outside to follow the scene. Police were out on the street and professional autograph hounds had 8xl0 glossies of him lined up on the pavement, which they quickly swept up into his face with pens ready for him to sign. He signed every request. They're like vultures, you know... they're just waiting for him to die. (Sorry, my experiences in Ireland made a cynic out of me). But, being a collector himself, he is always compassionate to anyone who asks for an autograph.

We walked on several feet behind the cast (to see where they were going to dinner). They went into Nick's Fishmarket. We laughed because we thought they'd go to Italian Villa. After they disappeared, my boyfriend said, "Wow. I feel high. Let's walk a little and get some air." I said, "I feel high, too. What a rush!"

It was a nice evening.


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