The Roddy McDowall Rose Garden

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His life was his genius. His love was a blessing.

Elizabeth Taylor
October 1998

How fine it would be,
A lifetime well spent,
With loving and learning
And kindly intent.
Then after one's name
Has been called by the owl,
Touring the back-lots of heaven
With Roddy McDowall,
Where, wise to humility's
Dodges and feints,
He begins shooting candids
Of little-known saints.

Diana Serra-Cary


     A short couple of weeks before Roddy McDowall left us (Oct. 4), he sent me a postcard — the front of which was a photograph of flowers that he had taken and the back of which read: "We are both — all — everywhere — together in a neverending circle of love."
     Those 13 simple words were Roddy McDowall and the way he lived his life.

Sherman Oaks
Oct. 12, 1998

... Roddy McDowall (a charter member of the National Film Preservation Board and long-time Academy Board governor), who, during his too-brief life, elevated the valued concepts of friendship, generosity and love of culture to rarely-attained heights.

James H. Billington
The Librarian of Congress
Los Angeles
November 16, 1998


[Roddy was] one of my most favorite people. His sensitivity and fairness, his honorable behavior and his dedication to his work will always be the hallmark of his beautiful spirit.

Peggy Webber
Artistic Director, California Artists Radio Theatre

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