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My name is J.C. Miller and I work within our editorial group at Encyclopaedia Britannica. Our group basically decides what topics are covered and what information is detailed within these topics.

Another thing we do is that for most of our topics, we identify and screen other Web sites to supplement our own content. These Web sites, called iGuide sites, are then presented as recommended resources for our online readers. Our reason for doing this is that we realize that other sites, like yours, also offer high quality content and we want to share that with our members.

As such, I'm writing to inform you that your Web site ( has been approved as a Britannica iGuide site. This means that when one of our members searches on a topic relevant to your site, we not only present Britannica information, but also provide a link to ( for that topic.


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"We went 'ape' over this page! A sincere tribute to a multi-talented actor"

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"a high-quality and informative celebrity site"

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