Cover of booklet outlining the Fund and it's projects, handed out at the end of the evening.

Roddy McDowall with Jodie Foster.

Warren Beatty, Roddy McDowall, Dan Akroyd and Jeffrey Katzenberg

"It is the basic concept of the Fund that is so deeply meaningful to me. The glowing idea decades ago to found an organization based on the theory of helping one's own was certainly a noble notion. But what is truly awesome is that the keepers of the flame have, with selfless diligence, remained consistent and true to the beauty of that ideal.

"And it is my fervent hope that the younger members of our industry - in all areas - will make it their business to become involved with the purpose, accomplishments, necessity and kindness of this organization, and develop the need to carry it forward with the same benevolent spirit into the next century."

-Roddy McDowall

Roddy and Virginia McDowall.


"I was lucky enough to work with and develop a friendship with Roddy McDowall during the development of Warner Bros.' 75th anniversary celebration. Over breakfast one morning, Roddy asked me if I was aware of the Fund and, when I answered 'no,' he proceeded to tell me about it with remarkable passion.

"Shortly thereafter, I had the opportunity to visit the campus, meet some residents and learn more about what MPTF has to offer. What started out as a favor to Roddy became a clear personal interest as I was truly impressed not only by the physical capabilities of the Fund, but the philosophical nature of what it stood for. It was one more reason to appreciate being in the entertainment industry.

"I spoke to Roddy just a couple of days before he died and, as was typical of him, he would not let me speak of him. Rather, he turned the converation to the Fund and what I must do to 'carry the torch' to help others become aware of, and participate in, the benefits of MPTF. So my involvement in The Next Generation Council is not only a promise to Roddy, but a 'selfish' interest in promoting an organization in which I truly believe."

-Diane Nelson
(vice president, corporate worldwide promotions, warner bros.)

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