THE only concession to Hollywood glitter at the McDowall house is the pool. The pool was bought — and the house came with it. Roddy is a good swimmer. He's self-taught, and he executes fancy dives and indulges in all kinds of aquabatics. One of his stunts is to put on an outfit like that worn by a diver and go down to the bottom of the pool to polish a silver dollar that he threw down there when he first moved into the place. Often in the summer he wakes up about two in the morning, sees that the moon is shining and the air warm, and goes out for a nocturnal dunking. And one of the choice sights at the McDowall home is Win, bedecked in a flowing house coat, swimming in the pool. And you should see her dive. "Just like a seal," insists Roddy.
     During the production of "My Friend Flicka" and "Thunderhead" Roddy took riding lessons and became an adept horseman. He also went in for jumping, and in spite of several bad falls has become a competent jumper.
     One week end I was at Preston Foster's ranch when Roddy came up for a visit. When Pres and Roddy set off for a ride in the hills, Roddy's horse started to run away. I saw the kid slip over the side. Pres, too, knew Roddy was in trouble and started after him, but was unable to catch him until they reached the top of the hill. Roddy's saddle had fallen off, and the boy was hanging to the horse's mane. It was only a miracle that he hadn't fallen off. Pres, no mean rider himself, still talks about that ride — and about Roddy's good old intestinal fortitude. Roddy didn't even appear scared. He put the saddle back on and was off again at a fast clip.


     In addition to his athletics, Roddy has recently taken to singing. His first singing in public was done at the Roxy Theatre in New York — and by accident. He had done his act and the crowd kept calling him back. So he went out on the stage and asked if they'd mind if he sang "You Belong to My Heart." He went over, even to the well known cries a ala Sinatra from the front.

     When he appeared in Times Square for the bond show, Roddy turned to his mother and said, "I think I'll sing for them." Win was horrified. "But Roddy, you can't sing in public!" A smile crept over Roddy's face, and he added, "Well, Mother, what do you think I've been doing at the Roxy all this time?"

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