August 1997


Subject: SNL substitute show

Mel brought to our attention on 10/30/96 this posting from DejaNews:

>During the early to mid 1980's there were a couple of specials aired on
>Saturday night in place of SNL. I think the shows were hosted by Roddy
>McDowell and had the title "gallery." I'm not sure what the official
>title of the show was. What I can distinctly remember about the show was
>the introduction of Pee Wee Herman (a.k.a. Paul Ruebens) and his
>his playhouse. If anyone remembers the title of this show,
>I would really appreciate it. I'm also wondering if it is available of

Well, it took me a long time to find this info out, but I HAVE an answer!

Roddy McDowall hosted a Steve Martin special called Twilight Theater back in February 13, 1982.


Sally Mierop


Subject: RM's theatre seat

Hi everyone,

Found this surfing via Excite.
If anybody is ever at the Bay Street Theatre, try to find Roddy's seat and take a picture for us.

Sally Mierop


Put a Star In Your Seat!

...and Keep the Lights up At Bay Street

Announcing a wonderful way that you can help the continued success of the Bay Street Theatre, the Seat Endowment Campaign.

Who's Your Muse?

Who made you laugh? Who moved you to tears? Who would you thank if you could? Many sponsors in our Seat Endowment Campaign have chosen to honor their favorite theatre personality with an engraved plaque by endowing a seat in the artist's name.

Sponsors may also pay tribute to a friend, a loved one, or of course, may choose their own name. The names of the following artists are already gracing seats at Bay Street:

               Julie Andrews
               Fred Astaire
               Tallulah Bankhead
               Colleen Dewhurst
               Blake Edwards
               Henry Fonda
               Bob Fosse
               Kay Kendall
               Bea Lillie
               Sidney Lumet
                                                                                 Roddy McDowall
                                                                                 Laurence Olivier
                                                                                 Stephanie Powers
                                                                                 Lee Remick
                                                                                 T.H. White
                                                                                 Thornton Wilder
                                                                                 Henny Youngman

                    Take Your Seats, Please!

Bay Street's seats are marine-blue antique theater seats, built in the 1920's, old-fashioned comfortable with oak armrests and chrome piping. They cost the theatre $5 each.

               The Seat Endowment Campaign Asks for $1,005

$5 for the seat, $1,000 for the endowment. But there are less than 100 seats left to endow! Won't you please be among our 300 special friends who christen a seat at the Bay Street Theatre - and be a part of our audience in spirit at every performance?

Mail application to:
               Bay Street Theatre
               Box 810
               Sag Harbor, New York 11963
               Attention: Seat Endowment


Subject: Roddy's new movie

Hi everyone,

Found some more info on Roddy's new movie...

The Hollywood Reporter July 22, 1997 Robert Osborne's Rambling Reporter

...Roddy McDowall is Montreal-bound to star in indie feature "The Truth About Lying," co-starring John Ritter...

Guess I was misinformed on the film title and I thought I had a reliable source too. :->

Hope nobody was going to Montreal to look for him.

Sally Mierop


Subject: After the musicals

Hi everyone,

Saw this while surfing using nt.excite.com

Sally Mierop

July 24, 1997 New York Post

Neal Travis' New York

A great photo op

PRODUCER and entertainment-marketing guru John Schreiber put together last week's extraordinary Carnegie Hall tribute to MGM musicals. He couldn't let the performers leave town without a permanent record, so he marched 14 of the stars over to Chelsea Piers for a group shot.

The photo will be featured in the national ad campaign for Harman Iternational's audio equipment and its educational program, Harman: How to Listen, another of Schreiber's concepts.

Some of those in the shot are Cyd Charisse, Tony Martin, Ann Miller, Mickey Rooney, Arlene Dahl, Betty Garrett, Kathryn Grayson, Van Johnson, Roddy McDowell and Julie Wilson. I hate to think what this group would cost at their normal rates, but they did it in return for Harman making a $50,000 gift to the Actors Fund.



Time to expand our ranks again....

This is the join request message sent by our newest Musgrave Member, Becky Camp:





Hi Becky!
          Good you could join us. We need another girl in the ranks. (Like, i'm not ALREADY out-numbered! :)
          Hope you'll be around for the long haul, get ready for some fun!

By the way, we're all playing a 'connect' type game where we try to see how few movies we can connect Roddy to an onther actor. Wanna play?

Ok, gang... how about... Roddy to Brandon Lee???

-Paul Worley


Subject: RE: New Member

Greetings Becky!!!

Glad you could be here. So tell us where you hail from.

I'm from Cleveland, Ohio and have been a RM fan for about twenty-five or so years. And I won't tell you from what age! But I'm sure the others will tell you.

Sally Mierop


Subject: New Member Info

Hi Sally,
          Nice to hear from you. I've been trying to follow everyone through "old mail" and I almost feel as if I know you (as well as one can on the internet).
          To answer your questions: I am originally from Mobile, Alabama. I now live in Daphne, Ala. on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay (which is actually about 30 minutes outside of Mobile). So, no big move there.
          I have been a RM fan for about 25 years. I will tell from what age--I was 8 yrs. old. I saw him in Planet of the Apes (of course) and then a few weeks later in a movie called "The Pied Piper". I think I fell in love with the ape. Not long after that I saw "Escape from the Planet of the Apes" and I was hooked for good. (I'm 34 by the way). Of course I became more interested in the man rather than the ape. I was only 8. What can I say. By the time I was nine I began trying really hard to follow his career (not an easy task).What a career! What a class act. I am forever amazed by him. I guess that's all for now. Hope to talk to you again soon.
           Thanks for the mail.

Becky Camp


Subject: (nothing in particular)

Sorry for the delay.

> At 03:07 AM 7/20/97 -0700, you wrote:
> >I copied the following from yeasterday's [14 July] issue of The
> >Star-News.
> Okay, I give up! What city is Star-News from?

Pasadena, California

> >Roddy McDowall emcees MGM musical tribute
> >...
> >The article also includes a nice half-shadowed pic of RM.
> Send me a scan!!

Don't have a scanner yet, but plan on getting one withing a couple of months. When it happens I will be glad to send you a scan. In fact, I'll be glad to send a scan of this article and anything else I have to anybody who wants it.

I noticed an oddity while checking my e-mail. All my messages are dated the following day. Is this normal, or are my messages being sent via the Twilight Zone?



Subject: RE: (nothing in particular)

Hi Alice,

Okay, I'll be waiting on pins and needles for that scan. :-)

Sally Mierop

>> Send me a scan!!
>Don't have a scanner yet, but plan on getting one withing a couple of months. When
>it happens I will be glad to send you a scan. In fact, I'll be glad to send a scan
>of this article and anything else I have to anybody who wants it.


Subject: RM photo

Hi everyone,

Here's a photo of Roddy with Dolly Parton and another guy from Unlikely Angel. Just click on the pic and it gets larger.


Sally Mierop


Subject: Connections....

Hello All,

O.K., Paul, I connected Brandon Lee to Roddy in two steps.

Roddy - Poseidon Adventure - Ernest Borgnine
Borgnine - Laser Mission - Brandon Lee.

Did you ever connect Roddy to Barry Manilow? I think I may have missed some e-mail last week.

Hello and welcome to Becky! Isn't it amazing how all the Roddy fans are congregating on the web?

Finally, can anyone suggest any good baby names? My husband isn't about to go in for Roderick.



Subject: Star Power TV documentary

Hi Everyone,

Picked this up from the LA Times web site.
Roddy has already finished doing this awhile back but apparently it was waiting for someone to bring it to the screen. Now we just have to find out what TV station this will be shown on when they are finished mucking with it.

Sally Mierop


Friday, August 8, 1997 LA Times

Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national
and international news services and the nation's press.

Making a Comeback: At least three projects are in the works celebrating the legacy of the late Mary Pickford, who began her film career 90 years ago. ClassicVision Entertainment, a production company dedicated to the preservation of classic movies starring Pickford and her contemporaries, is at work on Star Power, a Roddy McDowall-hosted TV documentary about the formation of United Artists in 1919 by Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith. Other upcoming ClassicVision projects include a TV movie about Pickford's life and the restoration of her 1927 silent feature My Best Girl--along with a new score by Oscar nominee David Michael Frank (The Mask)--to be released on video and in selected theaters. Pickford's widower, Buddy Rogers, 92, is a consultant on the projects.


Subject: RM re-elected as secretary

Hi everyone,

Press release from AMPAS:

Sally Mierop


CONTACT: John Pavlik - (310) 247-3000 August 13, 1997

          Robert Rehme Elected Academy President

First President Returned for a Non-Consecutive Term Since 1941

Beverly Hills, CA - Executives Branch Governor Robert Rehme was elected president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Tuesday night (8/12) by the organization's Board of Governors. It is the second stint as president for Rehme, who served in the office for one term in 1992-93. Rehme's election marks the first time an Academy president has been elected to a non-consecutive term since 1941, when Walter Wanger, who had been succeeded by Bette Davis, was again elected to the post after Davis left office.

Rehme, partner with Mace Neufeld in Neufeld/Rehme Productions, succeeds Directors Branch Governor Arthur Hiller, who has completed the maximum four consecutive terms as president permitted by the Academy's by-laws. As immediate past president, however, Hiller will remain an officer of the Academy.

"I'm overwhelmed to have been elected again," Rehme said, "and I look forward to serving the Academy in a very exciting period. Arthur Hiller was an excellent leader and has left the Academy in extremely good shape, but I must admit I am absolutely delighted to be back for another term as president of a great organization."

Music Branch Governor Alan Bergman and Film Editor Donn Cambern were elected vice presidents of the Academy and Writer Fay Kanin was elected treasurer, succeeding Rehme in that post. First Vice President Sid Ganis and Secretary Roddy McDowall were re-elected to those positions.

Rehme did not run for a second term in 1993 because he had completed the maximum three consecutive terms as a governor permitted by Academy by-laws and was ineligible for re-election to the board for at least a year. In 1995, Rehme was returned to the board by the Executives Branch.

Rehme has also previously served one term as first vice-president of the Academy, one term as treasurer and four as vice president. He also has served four terms as president of the Academy Foundation and served as chair of the Awards Rules Committee and the Endowment Campaign Committee, which raised an endowment for the Center for Motion Picture Study in 1990 through 1993 which now stands at $21 million.

Public Relations Branch Governor Sid Ganis will serve his third term as first vice-president; Bergman has previously served two terms as first vice president and one term each as a vice president and secretary; Cambern has served six terms is various officer capacities, including one term as first VP; McDowall is serving his second term as secretary; and Kanin has served as president for four terms, six terms as first vice president, seven terms as vice president, and twice each as secretary and treasurer.

Academy officers serve one-year terms, with a maximum of four consecutive terms in any one office.


Subject: Another RM interview site

Hi everyone,

Found this interview web site with RM. It has an AU format too.


They spelled his name wrong completely.

Sally Mierop


Subject: Connect game

>Ok, gang... how about... Roddy to Brandon Lee???

1. Brandon Lee to Ernest Borgnine in Laser Mission (a 1990 German film)
2. If you don't know how to connect Borgnine to RM, shame on you.

How about ... hmmmm ... Elvis Presley to RM?



Subject: news article

New Rules on Child Actors Applauded
          Education: State toughens requirements for studio teachers. SAG leaders and former stars say young performers need better preparation for life after the screen.
          By BOB POOL, Times Staff Writer

          Ask any of those cute little tykes who grew up before our eyes on Flipper and The Courtship of Eddie's Father and countless other TV series: Acting careers don't last forever.
          That's why former child actors and leaders of the Screen Actors Guild were rejoicing Monday over new state regulations they say will improve the education that young performers receive in classrooms set up at television and movie studios.
          State officials disclosed a plan to toughen requirements for teachers who work with child actors by requiring them to have multi-subject, secondary-level teaching credentials as well as special training in labor law.
          In recent years, instructors with as little as a single teaching credential in a non-academic subject such as physical education could be licensed to teach in trailer classrooms at studio lots all over town.
          Complaints that studio schools were being "dumbed down" prompted a lawsuit by the studio teachers union that has led the state's Department of Industrial Relations to set new standards, which will be announced today.
          Former child actors have lobbied for the tougher requirements, arguing that most pint-size actors grow up to be unemployed unless their education has readied them for life outside of lights and cameras.
          "Maybe five out of 100,000 will make it," said Paul Petersen, former child star from The Donna Reed Show who now assists 400 other former actors through a Gardena-based program he runs that is called "A Minor Consideration."
          "Name me 20 former film stars who are still in front of the camera and I'll be astonished," Petersen said. "By definition, a childhood career comes to an end. That's why education is the core."
          Nineteen-year-old Chris Allport--who started acting at age 7 and graduated to voice-over work as he got older--said studio teachers make or break young actors.
          "You have to have a good one or you get left way behind," said Allport, a Simi Valley resident who now attends Cal State Northridge.
          "I have a lot of friends who are behind. I don't know how they will turn out," Allport said. "I'm preparing for the day the industry doors close. I hope it doesn't happen. But I'm preparing."
          Former child actress Jeanne Russell, who played Margaret on the series Dennis the Menace, said actor Roddy McDowall warned her mother to make certain she got a good education in studio schools.
          "He told my mother about his transition," said Russell, 46, now a chiropractor in North Hollywood. "I thought I'd always be an actress. But luckily I was able to go on and keep up with other students later."
          State officials said letters from former child actors about the importance of studio school helped motivate them to boost teaching requirements. They said the rules will be implemented over a three-year period to give current studio teachers time to comply.
          Of the state's 430 licensed studio teachers, 211 will need to obtain additional training, said state Labor Commissioner Jose Millan.
          "We could not ignore that sentiment," Millan said Monday. "We're beefing up academic requirements so studio teachers will have to have an academic credential in either English, math, social studies or foreign language."
          In the past, teachers "with PE credentials would be tutoring algebra," Millan said.
          Rosalie Zallis, senior policy advisor for Gov. Pete Wilson and who helped work out the new regulations, said Monday the change will end confusion over studio teacher certification without putting new pressures on film studios.
          Officials of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, who helped hammer out the new rules, were unavailable for comment.
          But actor Fred Savage--whose Wonder Years role made him a child star--said he's investing in his education, even as he starts a new NBC series next week.
          Now 21, he is a junior majoring in English and creative writing at Stanford University.
          "I want to be an actor," Savage said Monday. "But I want to be prepared for life."

          Search the archives of the Los Angeles Times for similar stories. You will not be charged to look for stories, only to retrieve one.

Copyright Los Angeles Times


Subject: RE: connections

> O.K., Paul, I connected Brandon Lee to Roddy in two steps.
          Very good!!

> Did you ever connect Roddy to Barry Manilow? I think I may have missed
> some e-mail last week.
          I didn't know that you asked that one. Hmmm. Let's see. How about I do it in 2...
Barry "Copocabana" James Callahan
James Callahan "Tales of the Gold Monkey" Roddy
(That's in the episode "Sultan of Swat", by the way... :)
          Your turn. Can you do Sandy Duncan???
Oh, speaking of Barry, I thought you's like to know i survived his passing thru the area (Both Cleveland and Pittsburgh) unscathed.

> Finally, can anyone suggest any good baby names? My husband isn't about to
> go in for Roderick.
          My wife and I were talking about Nicholas. (Named after the lead character in the Forever Knight series.) How's that? I don't mind sharing the name. :)

-Paul Worley


Subject: RE: Connect game

> How about ... hmmmm ... Elvis Presley to RM?

1. RM to Barbara Eden in Dead Man's Island
2. Barbara Eden to Elvis in Flaming Star

That's only one possible way. By my figuring there are at least 7 other ways [just as short] to connect RM with Elvis.

While we're on the subject, I have a question. This is the first time I've played so tell me does a connection count if the people involved didn't actually work appear together in the connecting film/tv show/play? On a connection of RM to Ralph Fiennes, Sean Connery was used. While both RM and Connery were in The Longest Day, they never had any scenes together and as far as I remember their "segments" took place in different locations.

-- JC


Subject: Connections


May I suggest Andrew for your baby's name? I believe that is Roddy's middle name. According to the information I have, Andrew is Greek and means "manly." Now if it's a girl, I haven't got a clue as to what name to suggest.



Subject: RE: Connect game

MEL asked:
> How about ... hmmmm ... Elvis Presley to RM?

Just as easily...
Elvis to Stella Stevens in Girls, girls, girls.
Stella to RM in the same movie as Ernest...

Come on Mel, gimme a tuff one!!

Can you do Scooby Doo to RM?

-Paul Worley


Subject: birthday card

I'm still looking for the birthday card to Roddy. Anyone know where it is? Time is passing and his birthday will be here before you know it.



Subject: GREAT NEWS!!

Hi everyone,

If you're in the Los Angeles area around the 21th of September, you may want to be at the Tales of the Gold Monkey Reunion Gathering in Van Nuys. I just got the news that our Roddy will be coming along for the ride with Stephen Collins.


>From: "Patricia Annino" <gmonkey@goldmonkey.com>
>To: S Mierop <rm_fan@ameritech.net>
>Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 06:50:40 +0000
>Subject: GREAT NEWS!!!
>RODDY'S COMING TO THE GATHERING!!! Yes, it's true. Stephen Collins
>is bringing him along. The event will be held in the Amelia Earhart
>room of the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys, CA on Sunday, Sept. 21
>from 10-4. It's $25 per ticket (food included). All the details can
>be found at http://www.goldmonkey.com/gather.html. Sorry I couldn't
>give you more notice, but I just found out myself.


Subject: Connections


You can link Roddy to the "King" in two steps

Roddy to Angela Lansbury in "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"
Angela Lansbury to Elvis in "Blue Hawaii"

Here's a bit of trivia for you - did you know that Angela Lansbury also appeared in "National Velvet" with Roddy's sister, Virginia? It's true.



Subject: RE: Connections

CHERYL asked:
> ... can anyone suggest any good baby names? My husband isn't about to
> go in for Roderick.

I had the same problem with my husband. Roddy was one of my choices for a name, but a big no from Brady. Tried it for a middle name. Nope. Also, Roddy's middle name, which happens to be my Dad's middle name, was also dismissed.
So our son was named after my matenal grandfather , Yoshio. Only later did we discover the existance of a certain nintendo dinasaur with the same name.


Subject: RE: birthday card

The card should last have gone Dana to Laura, Laura to Scott....

So, Dana, Laura, Scott.... which one of you has the birthday card and/or when did you last see it?



Subject: RE: Roddy McDowall (new person...)

At 08:54 PM 8/24/97 -0700, you wrote:
>My name is Kathy. I am 32 years old. I live in St. Paul, MN, USA, with my
>husband of 7 years & our 3 year old daughter. My new job, as of last
>week, has a PC with internet access right on my desk! This new job as a
>computer software support specialist also includes an extra long lunch,
>so I finally have time to join the RM list, as I have wished to do for
>the last year!

Hi Kathy! Glad you could be with us this year.

>In the past year, I have enjoyed using my "lynx" text-only browser, at
>home, to read Roxanne's RM pages. At one point, about a year ago, I
>agreed to research a lovely big article that I remember reading in the
>Minneapolis Star Tribune around July 1995, about RM's career and a local
>appearance that I unfortunately had to miss. I agreed to copy it & send
>it to Sally. I am very sorry, Sally, but I never could find this article.

Oh well, can't have everything, as I sometimes painfully find out.

>I have been a big fan of Roddy's since I was 10 or 11. At that time, my
>dad, my younger sister and I all took a chartered day bus trip from my
>hometown of Yakima, Washington, to see RM in Charley's Aunt at the Cirque
>Theater in Seattle. He became the official favorite actor of my whole

Kyoko (one of our other members)saw Roddy there too!

>family. We then always made a point to watch, together, anything on tv
>that he was in. When I was a teen ager we got cable tv, and we were
>fortunate that Scavenger Hunt came on HBO very frequently.

You lucky devil, you! I had to wait all these years to get that on tape!:-)

>I read in the Mailing List archives, that last spring, in NYC, there was
>a LLD screening, followed by a discussion with RM himself. Did anyone get
>to go to that?

Not that I'm aware of. I didn't get much heads up for anyone to really make plans to go there. I receive "The Hollywood Reporter" about a week or more after it is published so.... That's where I saw the sentence on it.

> I will be equally jealous of anyone who gets to attend the
>Gold Monkey convention in CA, if, indeed, RM will be there.

If Stephen Collins does, indeed, go himself and RM is not doing anything, he *will* be dragged along.

Sally Mierop


Subject: RE: birthday card

>I'm still looking for the birthday card to Roddy. Anyone know where it is? Time is passing and his birthday will be here before you know it.

Hey Janet,

          No, I've no idea where the card is - I had asked to sign it also... If anyone see it, please pass it on to the rest of us.... Way many thanks....

Thank you,
E. Kris Birch


Subject: RM's parents

Hi everyone,

If anyone ever wondered when RM's parents died, I do have the dates.

Winifred McDowall died May(couldn't make out the day) 1965 at the age of 65
Cause of death was not given.

Thomas A. McDowall died July 14, 1978 at the age of 83
Cause of death was cancer(he did smoke a pipe).

The info came from Variety Daily and Hollywood Reporter.

Sally Mierop


Subject: RE: RM birthday card

Haven't seen it. Sorry!

Scott Ross
Raleigh NC


Subject: *!* RM BIRTHDAY CARD *!*

Hello there everyone...

Okay, I just spent about an hour going through *all* my e-mail files... and I can trace the card from the beginning of July as follows:

          Kyoko signed and mailed to Paul   CONFIRMED
          Paul signed and mailed to Elizabeth CONFIRMED
          Elizabeth signed and mailed to Dana CONFIRMED
          Dana signed and mailed to Laura   CONFIRMED

... and that's where the records stop. Either Laura Kramer has the card or it is somewhere in transit between Texas and North Carolina.

          *L*A*U*R*A* .... Are you there? Have you received the card yet?



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