June 1998


Subject: Bullwhip Griffin

I wish I could find this movie, since it seems to be unavailable. If anyone has any ideas on how I can get a copy, please let me know!



Subject: movie search

I am trying to find the movie dirty mary crazy larry to buy. Would appreciate any source of information you could give me. Thanks !!!
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Subject: Celebrity Portrait Charity Auction

According to http://home.earthlink.net/~hoakie/auction.html, RM will be attending this auction of artwork by Anthony P. Lilly and Robert F. Houk Jr., A portrait of McDowall is among the items to be auctioned. Visit the website to see what the portrait looks like. The medium seems to be pencil, or maybe pen & ink.

For reservations:

WHEN: June 18, 1998
WHERE: Fenix Underground, Seattle, Wa. (206) 467-1111
TICKETS: Ticket Master @ (206) 628-0888



Subject: RM images

There's a scanned photo of a young RM and Orson Welles at http://www.utah.edu/campaign/dclinkkh.htm. Looks like it came from a newspaper article, circa 1947, about the staging of MacBeth at Kingsbury Hall that year.

http://www.kelp.net/~clark/antiques/scihorrorlob4/index.html -- Clark's Collection of Fine Antiques and Collectibles is selling a lobby card from Shock Treatment for ... $39! Whoa! There's an image of the card at the site; it shows RM and Lauren Bacall.



Subject: quick questions about rmgroup...


My name is Jamie Rightsell, I'm a rising high school senior who was born in the early 80's but absolutely lives in the 40's at best.

In other words, I love all things nostalgic, classic, and RM. So I was just wondering if you could please tell me all about this Musgrave Foundation and the RM mailing list. Is there any cost or anything involved...what kind of system requirements...you know, just a few technical things and some other stuff. I would also love to know what your whole organization is about and a little about yourself, since you seem to be the 'ring leader'.

To put it simply...I'm extremely interested in becoming a part of this neat little fan club. Because I AM a big fan of Mr. McDowall's. And one more thing...do any of the other members or yourself ever directly comunicate with RM? I mean, I know he is a very busy man, but of course, I would certainly be interested in speaking with one of my idols of the cinema. Anyway. Thank you for your time.

Anxiously waiting your reply,


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